November 30, 2016 Alaric Corporation Acquires Control of Vidie Corporation

Vidie is a proprietary mobile app video-sharing platform that has soft launched in China during May of 2016 (can be downloaded at the Apple Store).  There is another app on the Apple Store named Vidie so please down load the version with the Chinese characters in the description.  The app for the Chinese market will initially run on iOS.  The company has not decided on release dates for Android devices but will be releasing an app for Android in the near future.  

Alaric Corporation will be raising $2,000,000 for Vidie Corporation.  The money is necessary to finish the Android app and for the official launch of Vidie in the Chinese market.  Alaric Corporation will receive a 25% stake in Vidie for the money raised.  The value of similar tech businesses at this stage of development have been between $30 (Vine) and $82 (Periscope) million dollars.  We believe Vidie Corporation may have additional value because it is in China and will also launch in other countries in the future.

Vidie is a free down load where videos will be easily enhanced by 20+ filters (looks), digital lenses, custom titles, etc. to increase user creativity and brand loyalty.  Vidie will offer a premium version in the future with expanded functionality to leverage profitability.

Vidie is designed for “one-click” sharing and easy access to contact lists of the largest mobile platforms (including WeChat, Tencent & Sina Wiebo).  

Vidie’s compression/encryption technology enables sending long (up to 8 minutes), high quality videos to other users and 3rd party mobile platforms.  This is far superior to the current market which is 30 seconds or less.

Vidie began as a core-technology company (Beijing) developing proprietary compression, encryption, and video search solutions.  Vidie raised and invested more than $3 million dollars in research and development which resulted in numerous patents.  

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June 30, 2014 Alaric Corporation Acquires Control of Crowd Connex Corporation and its Subsidiary is an online and app accessible educational and training social network where its members can:

  • Network with people with similar goals and interests (students who want to be doctors can network with each other and real life doctors)
  • Find or be an teacher, trainer, tutor, mentor and/or coach
  • Perform document, contract or deal negotiation – can exchange and sign documents electronically
  • View video, power point and PDF presentations (while video conferencing at the same time)
  • Video conference with family, friends, teachers and coworkers
  • It’s a safe environment for kids that provides back ground checks and recording of video conferencing sessions for safety and security.

Education is a trillion dollar industry.  Surveys from state that there are more than 60 million people in the US alone that either need a mentor or want to mentor other people.  Add to that the number of people starting new careers, or new areas of interest like hobbies and sports that need coaches.  And we cannot forget tutoring and other types of counseling.  We are excited about all the possibilities. is where your ambition becomes reality.'s soon to be announced crowd funding campaign can be previewed here: 

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