Alaric Corporation - Ticker HALB formerly Halberd/Tykhe Corporation

Alaric Corporation (Alaric) is a public company that currently trades on the OTC Markets Pink:

Alaric is a Colorado Corporation.

Alaric’s current business model is that of a Holding Company and incubator for early stage high growth businesses.

Alaric will operate similar to a Business Development Company (BDC) which are similar to venture capital or private equity funds since they provide investors with a way to invest in small companies and participate in the sale of those investments.  Alaric Corporation will allow anyone who purchases a share in the open market to participate in the sale of the fund investments. 

Alaric Corporation seeks candidates with sales potential requiring capital, if any, of up to $10,000,000.  Alaric Corporation’s equity stake can range from 10% to 100%, depending upon the circumstances, including services rendered.

Initially, Alaric Corporation exchanges its common stock for a preferred stock instrument that gives Alaric Corporation effective control of the business and treats the business venture as a subsidiary for financial accounting purposes.  

When the portfolio company has executed its business plan, including predefined milestones and no longer needs Alaric Corporation’s guidance or investment, it can be spun off into its own public company whereas Halberd Corporation retains its equity stake half of which may be distributed to Alaric Corporation investors.

Alaric is starting the process of becoming a fully reporting public company.

Alaric will offer and sell $50,000,000 worth of securities annually under Regulation A Plus, when it is fully reporting, to finance emerging businesses.

The process of being audited and registering shares will take about 3 to 4 months.

There are a number of benefits to registering securities under Regulation A Plus:

·      Reg A Plus is an exemption to the normal registration process for securities which speeds up the process of     raising capital.

·      Sec reporting is easier to comply with.

          ·      Public solicitation is allowed to non-accredited investors.