Alaric Corporation - Ticker HALB formerly Halberd/Tykhe Corporation

Alaric Corporation (Alaric) is a public company that currently trades on the OTC Markets Pink:

Alaric is a Colorado Corporation.

Alaric’s current business model is that of a Holding Company and Acquisition Vehicle for baby boomers that are looking to sell cool businesses so they can transition into retirement.

Alaric will operate similar to a Business Development Company (BDC) which are similar to venture capital or private equity funds since they provide investors with a way to invest in companies and participate in the sale of those investments.  Alaric Corporation will allow anyone who purchases a share in the open market to participate in the sale of the fund investments. 

Alaric Corporation seeks candidates with sales of up to $10,000,000 to acquire.  

Alaric is starting the process of becoming a fully reporting public company.

Alaric will offer and sell $50,000,000 worth of securities annually under Regulation A Plus, when it is fully reporting, to finance growth businesses.

The process of being audited and registering shares will take about 3 to 6 months.

There are a number of benefits to registering securities under Regulation A Plus:

·      Reg A Plus is an exemption to the normal registration process for securities which speeds up the process of     raising capital.

·      Sec reporting is easier to comply with.

          ·      Public solicitation is allowed to non-accredited investors.